What We Do

  Photo taken by  Isabella La Rocca

Photo taken by Isabella La Rocca

Visit Goatlandia

Come on over!
We love visitors, and the animals enjoy meeting new people.  We are open to the public by appointment, or on our scheduled event days. See our
"Events" page to learn more.

Brush a goat’s coat, rub a pig’s belly, watch chickens run around and scratch, they love it!  We are happy to host group or individual visits, school field trips, small family gatherings, and anyone interested in seeing the sanctuary, meeting the animals, making friends, and learning more. We're here to have fun and help - just let us know what we can do.

Because we are a sanctuary, and out of respect for the animals, we kindly request that no dairy, meat, fish, or other animal food products be brought onto the property. Thank you! :)


Kids Days

A small kid hugging a goat

We love having little ones here at the sanctuary. we do children's visits with lunch and art projects, after school field trip visits, and we can even help you host a birthday party here! kids love animals, animals love kids. everyone has fun!


Party With Goats

Time for a party? Goatlandia is available for public and private special events, day long or overnight retreats, with on-site catering available. We have many events at Goatlandia:

  • farm tours to meet the animals

  • animal therapy visits for kids & adults

  • group volunteer outings

  • holiday celebrations

  • special lunch and dinner events

 volunteers at Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary, posing with goats. 


Come get dirty on one of our Volunteer Work Day Parties! Meet other animal lovers while you get to roll up your sleeves, help with feeding, work on coops, and do all kind of fun projects, and of course meet the animals!

We also have space for on-site interns. It’s a great way for people who love animals to learn more about them, build a closer connection, and obtain a deeper understanding of how a sanctuary works.


Ask a Vegan

Need help making a compassionate change or just want to learn what's possible on a plant based diet? We can help. We offer individualized mentoring to help people transition to a vegan, plant-based diet and lifestyle. Discover delicious cruelty free food, awesome shoes, clothing and household items, and make choices that promote kindness and compassion. We think pretty much everyone likes the sound of that.

We are all about promoting a compassionate, healthy lifestyle. We are committed to educating people about the plight of farm animals, the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and sound environmental practices.

 Deb Blum and one of her goats